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Off-Site Courses


Off-site courses are available for Food Manager, Food Manager Spanish, Alcohol Manager, and Allergen Training.  There are a few qualifications to host each type of course. Please make sure your organization meets the requirements.  

For All Off-Sites:

  • 5 or more employees from your organization - THROUGH July 31: get the 6th student free when you enroll 5 in an offsite course. 
  • Private and quiet room/area for the duration of the course and exam 

For Food and Alcohol:

  • One computer or TV screen that would be visible to all participants to view instructional videos

For Spanish:

  • The Spanish course is offered over the course of two days.  Participants must be available for two consecutive days.   

For Allergen:

  • The allergen course is only offered through off-site
  • Each participant must have their own device (laptop, computer, or tablet - NO SMARTPHONES) to participate in the course, these devices can be provided by the organization or the individuals


Contact or call Michelle at 202-331-5990 to schedule your off-site!