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Bravo Peruvian


We are a group of PERUVIANS who came to the United States to conquer the "American Dream" while maintaining our roots and love for our culture!
Bravo Chicken is a proud example of it. A place to learn about our culture and taste our delicious cuisine. Come enjoy the experience!


It all Started with a Love for Culture and Passion for Food!
We are an eclectic family of Peruvian Americans with a passion for food, a love for our culture and a desire to showcase the amazing Peruvian cuisine we are so proud to call our own.


Our native homeland of Peru spans from the Andes to the Amazon and is divided into regions according to altitude: Coastal, Mountains and Jungle. Each region boasts delicious world-acclaimed gastronomy that is influenced by the indigenous populations as well as the cuisines of the European, Asian and African immigrants who have throughout history made Peru their final home. Native ingredients such as lucuma, chirimoya, huacatay, quinoa, and an expansive variety of potatoes and chili peppers have been part of the native Peruvian cuisine for thousands of years and provide the distinct flavors and vibrant colors for many of its recipes.


BRAVO seeks to become the “Curator of Peruvian Cuisine that Everyone Craves.”
BRAVO proudly showcases the exemplar of fusion cuisine - the seamless integration of the ancient traditions and flavors of the native Peruvian cuisine with the Spanish, African, Italian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines that have influenced it throughout history. The recipes we have created for you use authentic ingredients both local and international, and highlight the diversity and culinary specialties of each Peruvian region. Traditional recipes are prepared by blending ancient cooking methods with modern culinary techniques to create visually stunning and exquisite dishes.

Prepare to begin your journey through history, through Peru and into the future.

Taste the Peruvian flare.

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