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Beefsteak Vegetables



Beefsteak is America’s bounty in a bowl — offered in myriad combinations and cooked to perfection right in front of you. All brought to you by one of the country’s leading chefs, José Andrés.

Beefsteak isn’t vegetarian, though our food proudly celebrates the unsung power of vegetables — as farm-fresh as possible, whether year-round favorites or the best of each season. Deliciously matched with hearty grains, freshly-made sauces, crisp greens, and flavorful toppings. And while we’re certainly no steakhouse either, if you want to add a bit of something meaty to top off your bowl, we offer some delicious choices.

Vegetables are undeniably the star here, unleashed to showcase their full potential and create a wildly flavorful, nourishing meal — composed just the way you like it. Simple yet crave-worthy food that fits your lifestyle and your wallet. This is real food, real quick and really good — whether a quick, hearty meal on the go or a relaxing place to unwind when you’re off the clock.

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Fusion / Eclectic
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800 22nd St. NW
Washington, DC 20052