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Chef Competitors Needed! 4th Annual Chile Chef Challenge & Wine Tasting

October 11, 2017 to October 25, 2017

RAMW is excited to announce the evolution of our annual Chile Chef Challenge as a dynamic partnership with the Annual Wines of Chile Awards (AWOCA).  This year’s event will highlight the award winning and world renowned Chilean wines and celebration of Chilean product.  The awards will culminate in a tasting and wine pairing competition at the National Restaurant Association for a robust list of media and hospitality industry attendees from the Mid-Atlantic region. 
We are looking for chef competitors to bring their unique restaurant and cooking style to the event. The challenge is to create a dish that expertly highlights and elevates one of the 13 top awarded wines. Each competing chef will receive samples in advance of one award-winning winning to pair with their uniquely created dish.

Chef challengers will prepare 400 sample-size portions each for audience and judges to taste and will be asked to highlight some Chilean food ingredients as well, with special ingredients provided by ProChile’s food sponsors and other local vendors. Participating restaurants receive a $500 stipend to help cover the costs of product and labor.
Participation deadline: Friday, October 12, 2017
Email today to sign up.

Event: Chile Chef Challenge & Wine Tasting Event

Location: National Restaurant Association: 2055 L Street NW, DC
Date: Monday, November 6, 2017
Time: 6-9pm 
Estimated attendance: 300 guests
Purpose: Highlight Chilean ingredients and showcase exceptional award-winning Chilean wines
Event to provide: 
Sponsored proteins
Sponsored specialty food ingredients
6-foot tables & table cloth (with back work table) 
Rented china plates/cups/cutlery
Setup/breakdown support from a catering partner (Occasions), incl. wait/bus staff
Food and Beverage Ingredient: Featured Food ingredients will be provided by Foods From Chile sponsors. Additional ingredient needed must be provided by the participating restaurant. Chefs are required to use ingredients as outlined below, one from each category. Any additional ingredients desired are welcome.  Wine pairing assignments will be based on protein choices: Mussels/Salmon = White or Rose; Beef = Red 

CHOOSE 1 SPONSORED PROTEIN:  (provided by sponsors)
 Salmon | Mussels | Beef  | Vegetarian Option (up to you)
CHOOSE 1 FRUIT/VEG: (provided by chefs via stipend)
 Avocado | Prunes | Berries | Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CHOOSE 1 SPONSORED SPECIALTY ITEM:  (provided by sponsors)
 Merquen  |  Rica Rica  | Chañar Syrup

Participants to provide: Chef and necessary support staff to execute prep and serving of dish. Participants will be preparing 400 sample-size portions each for audience and judges to taste. 
Judging: Dishes will be judged by a panel of appointed judges as well as by the public in attendance. There will be a judges’ winner and a public winner for the event.  
Audience: This event is open to restaurant and wholesale trade who will attend to taste over 90+ Chilean wines, as well as local and national media to showcase the event and the participating chefs. 
Participation Benefits: A $500 stipend to each restaurant to help cover the costs of product and labor.  The participating restaurants will be featured on the invitation with logo and head shots, in advertising efforts, and online via the RAMW website, email blasts to our Restaurant Week consumer list, and via Social Media. 

Participation deadline: Friday, October 12, 2017
Email today to sign up.