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DCBIA to Provide Design and General Contracting Services for Streateries

April 29, 2021

District of Columbia Building Industry Association (DCBIA) to Provide In-Kind Design and General Contracting Services for Your Existing or Proposed Streatery!

Apply Today! This application will take you just 2 minutes to complete. 

DCBIA is a non-profit professional trade association representing the Washington, DC real estate development industry. The association comprises professionals of nearly 500 member companies representing owners, developers, general contractors, architects, designers, engineers, attorneys, banks and other organizations in the real estate development industry. Since 1998, the DCBIA Community Services Corporation, DCBIA’s educational and charitable arm, has hosts a yearly community service project, “Community Improvement Day,” to bring together hundreds of volunteers to lend their professional design and general contracting expertise to execute a major upgrade to a park or recreation center in neighborhoods most in need of the services.

In 2021, DCBIA is expanding its community service focus to support deserving restaurateurs who want to create a “streatery” or other outdoor dining space, but may lack the resources.

Through a partnership with the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW), applications are now being accepted from restaurant owners and/or restaurant operators in need of architectural/design expertise, general contracting expertise, and general labor from DCBIA’s membership to help design, build, and execute their outdoor streatery. These are free, in-kind services for the restaurants selected. 


  • 8 sites will be selected (preferably in all 8 DC wards).
  • DCBIA will raise funds and/or in-kind donations from its members to pay and/or secure materials and supplies, and general labor from membership  
  • Materials could include wood, planters, benches, prefab fencing, materials to partition off space, etc., Some limitations could apply.
  • DCBIA and RAMW will work with the city to obtain the necessary permitting.
  • DCBIA is not able to extend sidewalks or work on any ADA requirements.


  • Restaurants must secure access to the private or public land.

  • Applicants must be restaurants and/or food establishments licensed in DC.

  • Preference is given to applicants that can demonstrate a compelling, local story by showing that DCBIA’s in-kind services will likely:

1.    Improve restaurant operations;

2.    Encourage pedestrian traffic to a mixed-use and/or commercial corridor;

3.    Increase employment of DC residents during the prolonged economic downturn;

4.    Add to the neighborhood’s vibrancy.

Key Dates:

  • May 14: Restaurant application deadline (the deadline has been extended from its original date of 5/7)

  • Week of May 17: DCBIA and RAMW to announce winners. DCBIA Designers and General Contractors collaborate with restaurant owners / operators to design the space 

  • Week of May 22 and/or 29: DCBIA to secure material, fundraise, and bring in teams of 10-12 to build the streatery / outdoor dining on-site. 

DCBIA and RAMW are proud to partner to support the restaurant owners, employees, vendors, and customers of the DC’s restaurant industry during this exceptionally uncertain and difficult time as we all work together to find relief, to begin to recover, and to focus on our collective efforts on a brighter future for DC businesses and neighborhoods.

Click here to apply. 

The application entails just a few very simple questions about your restaurant and location and why this project would benefit your establishment. It will take 2 minutes or less of your time to complete.