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Food Rescue US - DC: An Option for Restaurants That Wish to Donate Surplus Food

March 17, 2021

Food Rescue US - DC: An Option for Restaurants That Wish to Donate Surplus Food

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge disruptor to the restaurant industry but despite that, Food Rescue US, DC’s volunteer-driven web-based food runner program, has continued to provide a service to restaurants that wish to donate their surplus food. With spring on the horizon and vaccination rates increasing, it seems brighter days are ahead, yet there will always be food waste and now there is an easy solution: Food Rescue US.

Participating restaurants can choose to donate according to their need and schedule: one-time, weekly, or as happened during the height of the pandemic, in large scale due to temporary or permanent closures. The program accepts both prepared food and raw ingredients, allowing you and your staff to find a silver lining to these pandemic challenges by feeding food insecure individuals while avoiding food waste and its harmful impact on the environment. There are even tax incentives for donation. With one phone call restaurants are registered and ready to donate.

Join We, The Pizza, Baker’s Daughter, Levain Bakery, Seylou Bakery, Bouglangerie Christophe, DC Harvest, Call Your Mother Deli, Bread Furst, DBGB Kitchen & Bar and others that have opted into this terrific program.

The Food Rescue US team will even promote your donations with photos, social media posts, and media coverage like these stories from the Washington City Paper and WUSA 9. Check out the Food Rescue US website and contact Kate at or (203) 570-2560 for details and to get started.