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IMPORTANT Restaurant Coronavirus Updates

March 9, 2020

A Note from the Desk of RAMW's President & CEO, Kathy E. Hollinger

We know Restaurant Members are receiving a lot of emails regarding coronavirus, so we want to cut through the noise, and provide you with pertinent information specific to the restaurant and foodservice industry. Please be aware that we are in discussion with the city on the creation of a relief fund or other mechanisms of support that can be provided to help preserve the financial health and economy of our local industry.

As there are new developments daily, it is crucial that you are receiving information from us in a way that works for you. If you have not already, you can now sign up to receive text message updates from RAMW. This will only be used for very important, time sensitive issues.

What You Can Do Right Now

  1. Exclude sick staff from work during their illness. 
  2. Provide hand sanitizer for guests at the host stand. 
  3. Ensure that staff disinfect and wipe down each table between turns with a new, clean cloth. Regularly sanitize frequently touched surfaces (tables, counters, handles, etc). 
  4. Brief staff on appropriate protocol. This 2-Minute video on Coronavirus covers important tips, guidance and information, and can be shared with staff during pre-shift.

‚Äč*Please contact RAMW if you need help connecting with vendors who can provide sanitation and disinfectant products.

Thinking Ahead: Make an Operational Plan
At this time it is unknown what the impact will be on the local restaurant industry and regional economy. We want to make sure you are in the best position as possible during these uncertain times. Think about what your contingency plan might be if traffic decreases and private events stall. How will this impact food orders, staffing and capital expenditures. At this time, operational shifts are likely not required, but if that should arise, we want to make sure you are proactively prepared.

Webinar and Additional Resources
For those interested in ServSafe focused information on handling coronavirus, our partners at the National Restaurant Association are hosting a webinar on Tuesday, March 10th at 2pm EST. Click here to register.

Handwashing 101 
Cleaning vs. Sanitizing 
DC Department of Health
Maryland Department of Health
Virginia Department of Health
Ecolab: Understanding Coronavirus

Please stay tuned for more information as this is an evolving situation.