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Mobile Payments Mean More Sales Opportunities for Your Restaurant

September 23, 2013

Tony Ventre, Heartland Restaurant Solutions Insights

For restaurateurs, mobile payment acceptance solutions are giving new meaning to the saying “think outside the box.”  By transforming smartphones and tablets into mobile point-of-sale systems and providing the freedom to accept credit/debit/gift card payments from anywhere at any time, mobile payments enable you to take your business beyond your four walls.

With the use of mobile payments, many restaurateurs are taking advantage of untapped sales opportunities. Consider utilizing mobile technology to facilitate payments for:
·       Tableside checkout — Processing payments at tables provides a quick and easy payment experience and can reduce skimming as the card never leaves the customer’s sight.
·       Curbside pickup — By allowing food runners or servers to accept curbside payments without having to go back into your restaurant to process the payment, the transaction process is expedited and you can get your customers on their way sooner.
·       Catering — Accepting card payments offsite offers convenience for you and your customers. Plus, with functionality like store and forward, you’ll never miss a sale even if cell phone and wireless Internet service is limited or nonexistent at certain venues.
·       Delivery services — Equipping delivery drivers with mobile readers and applications allows them to accept card payments at the door. Doing this will help you avoid keyed transaction costs (card-not-present fees) and minimize your card processing costs.
With mobile payment technology, the sales opportunities for your restaurant abound. Not only does this translate to increased revenue, but also to more convenience — for both you and your customers.

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