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May 4, 2020

We have heard from many of you who are seeking suppliers for PPE items such as masks and gloves, as well as cleaning supplies like disinfectant and hand sanitizer.  In response, we collected information from local purveyors in our community to provide you with information and contacts to assist you in purchasing these items. 

Acme Paper and Supply Co.:

Face Masks: Stocking face masks, both 3 ply FDA approved facemasks and FDA approved KN95 masks. They encourage restaurants within close proximity to consider splitting a case, if possible, to lower cost. RAMW can assist in this coordination. Acme cannot break cases for face masks as they are medically sealed products (case packed of 2000 per case).  Additionally Acme is also stocking INFRARED FDA THERMOMETERS for immediate delivery.

Face Shields, Gloves, disinfectant, and hand sanitizer are in stock. Click here for details on supplies. 


TriMark Adams-Burch:

Face Masks: 3-ply face masks are in stock in packs of 10/cs. and 50/cs., and splitting cases is not possible. Customers can pre-pay for advanced orders and TriMark will set stock aside. Gloves and a wide variety of RTU and concentrates are in stock in terms of disinfectant and sanitizers. Customers do not need a pre-existing account. New customers can order and pre-pay via credit card.

Contact: Monet Footman, 301-276-2000

Saval Foodservice: 

Face masks: 3 ply face mask in stock, packed 50 pieces per box. Gloves, disinfectant, toilet paper, and hand sanitizers are available and in stock. New accounts need to fill out a quick application to be able to order.

Contact: Michael Koslofsky. Regional Manager, Mobile: 202-420-1240,

The Ministry Coffee + Wine

Face masks: 3-ply face masks are in stock. They come in sealed bags of 10. Priced at face-value of $15 per set of 10.

Contact: Elisa Bennaton,


Gloves, disinfectant, surface sanitizer, toilet paper, and paper towels are in stock. New accounts fill out a quick application.

Disinfectant available for purchase: USC RTU Disinfectant Cleaner, EPA registered


FoodPRO is delivering 5 days a week in DC, Montgomery County, and Northern Virginia.  

Contact: Tom Enright, or 301-370-2593.

ProForma / OlleyMay

Face masks: KN95 masks, 3-ply face masks, Level II surgical masks, and reusable cotton face masks available

Additional supplies: Hand sanitizer, gloves, face shields, medical gowns, full seal goggles, and more available

All Personal Protective Equipment is FDA Approved, Licensed and Certified

Contact: Bill Dietz, 805-575-8824,

The Grill/Knead HD:

Fellow restaurateurs at Knead HD have supplies available through The Grill, located at The Wharf, and also for delivery. Face masks: Available for online order as 5/pack for $4.99. Gloves are for sale in boxes of 100 and they have sanitizing spray, hand sanitizer and other products also available. Click here for details. 

SIMMA International 
SIMMA has been importing and delivering high-quality PPE for the last several weeks, trying to help out in response to the COVID crisis.

We are a Washington, DC based PPE-distribution company that focuses on providing 3ply masks, kn95 masks, hand sanitizer, goggles, face shields (made in USA), and more to ensure business continuity. Highlights of our product offerings include face shields and hand-sanitizer made here in the United States in our business's hometown of Bellingham, Washington.

For a full product list and more information:

Contact: Nicholas Rogerson,

Syzygy Shield

Face Shields: Constructed from clear, lightweight FDA approved polycarbonate. $8.50 - $11.50 each, depending on order size.

Hat shields: Constructed from clear, lightweight FDA approved polycarbonate. Gator clips allow shield to be easily attached to baseball style hats. $6 - $8 each, depending on order size.

Counter Shield: Constructed from 1⁄4” Clear Acrylic, ideal for sneeze guards and protection barriers. Custom sizing is available upon request. Size 23” x 32”. $120.00 each

To place an order, please email: orders@syzygyevents.comFor more info, call us at (240) 626-5681.

Delivery is available to the local DMV area for a flat rate of $10.

Shipping Costs are dependent upon final order size and shipping speed – final pricing will be determined when order is placed.

Contactless Pick-Up is available at our warehouse.

International Gourmet Foods, Inc.

International Gourmet Foods stocks face masks, gloves, disinfectants, individual hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and paper towels. Our employees have also been trained on proper use of disinfectants to eliminate COVID-19 and can supply details. View some of our products here.

If you are new to IGF, please fill out our application

Contact: IGF Sales Rep,, or call 703 569 4520.

Performance Foodservice

Performance Foodservice has many of the supplies that you need to have your establishment clean and compliant including, masks, wipes, gloves, disinfectants and sanitizer. If you are a current client, please reach out to your local sales team member for information. If you are not a current client, but are interested in purchasing these products from Performance Foods, please reach out to Dean Heinzman.

Contact: Dean Heinzman, or phone/text at 240-876-1546. 

Cotton & Reed
Liquid Hand Sanitizer: In stock and available for orders of all sizes large and small; with 24 hour turn-a-round and very competitive discounts for bulk orders.

Details about the product:

  • Premium, Carbon Filtered
  • 80% ethanol based
  • Compliant with 27 CFR 21.76 and Formula No. 40-B
  • Compliant with all FDA product formulation and labeling requirements
  • Safety Data Sheet available
  • The product has a UPC code and certification for vendors who may be looking to resell.

Contact: Miles Gray, - for more information and pricing

Weldon, Williams & Lick 

Weldon, Williams & Lick has created a Paper Face Mask option that we are able to mass-produce and supply.  These face masks are a disposal paper mask that is ideal for a 1-time usage and would work perfectly for daily protective needs. In addition, our Subsidiary company KIS Technologies has developed Temperature Reading Kiosks that I think could be very valuable to you during these unprecedented times. Weldon, Williams & Lick is a custom security printer headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
We have 3 Sizes:
Large – Most Men and Some Women
Medium – Most Women & Teens and Some Men
Small – Kids Sizes

Details about the Paper Face Masks:

A few things to note:
- 50K Masks priced at $0.38 per Mask - Includes custom branding
- If you order 100K or more the price will stair-step down for higher quantities
- Completely Customizable for Branding
- Turnaround time less than 5-10 days for up to 500K
- We can distribute the masks to each location as needed.

Contact: Christine Baker,, 479-806-0504

Disinfection Services

Local pest control company PMSI has a food-grade, EPA approved fogging system that is labeled for schools, hospitals, day cares, residential homes, food handling areas, processing plants, and commercial offices.  Click here to learn more. 

Nelbud offers Coronavirus Disinfection service including surface deep-cleaning, fogging, and hot-water pressure washing. Click here for more information.

The Filta Group is offering discounts to RAMW members for its FiltaShield cleaning service. Filta's mission is to provide environmentally friendly sanitization and provide a safe environment to employees and customers. Filta treats all touch areas with an EPA Registered Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant that eliminates Coronavirus and up to 99% of enveloped viruses & bacteria. Click here for more information and to request a Site Risk Assessment.

Contact: Derek Riebel,