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Relief for Operators & Employees Through Worker Relief Fund

April 7, 2020
Hope you had a productive Tuesday with some moments of positivity. We are glad to be sharing positive news this afternoon as we have an employee relief opportunity to activate your restaurant as a community kitchen to support your industry while modestly supporting you as an operator and the food economy.  
RAMW Education Foundation and Hook Hall Operator and Employee Relief Model
We mentioned previously, and you may have seen in several media outlets, that RAMW launched a Worker Relief Fund through our 501c.3 Education Foundation “Educated Eats” in partnership with Hook Hall Helps. Since mid-March, local restaurant and RAMW member Hook Hall has been meeting the needs of hundreds of restaurant industry employees by providing packaged meals and supply kits to those without their regular income, who are in need of assistance. This effort has been bolstered by so many in the industry including local food suppliers, donors like Pepco, and many more.  Now, with Hook Hall, we are launching an official model and sign up mechanism for restaurant operators who want to activate their kitchens to be part of this support effort.
How does it work? Interested operators receive modest support to expand current operations and serve as community kitchens, for a day, a week, or more depending on desire and capacity. This model allows a group of restaurants to support a few employees, purchase goods from local suppliers, and move money through the regional food economy.
How to Participate: Restaurant operators who want to participate must sign up online for a specific date or dates that they are able to provide meals. Sign up for dates is first come first serve.
Compensation: Participating operators will receive $5/meal paid from the proceeds of the Worker Relief Fund (paid within 3-4 days of meal delivery).
Requirements to Participate:
• Provide 250 nutritionally balanced meals (protein, starch, vegetable)
• All meals must be individually packaged and ready-to-serve to folks to take home
• Meals must be delivered to Hook Hall (3400 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC) by 2:30PM on the committed date
• Restaurants must sign up online for a date of service in order to participate and receive payment for meals provided. 
• Recognition will be given to all participating operators on the day of their meal. If you sign up, please be sure to send your logo files and all social media handles to for inclusion on website and social media outreach efforts.
DC Council Emergency Legislation
Today the DC Council held a virtual meeting to unanimously approve Emergency Legislation. RAMW previously shared the details of the proposed legislation, here.  The legislation allows for 90-day mortgage deferrals that must be passed through to tenants, and amends the paid leave policy so it is in line with what was passed federally. It unfortunately, does not provide support for undocumented workers, however many members of the Council voiced their commitment to this issue, and we will continue to advocate for this support. Click here for an overview of what was passed. 
Recap of Discussion with National Restaurant Association
Today we hosted a call for our local industry with Sean Kennedy, the Executive Vice President of Public Affairs for the National Restaurant Association. Sean spoke to their national campaign efforts and advocacy around the CARES ACT, provided invaluable insight in Phase IV and what we should expect, as well as conducted a Q&A on any other local and state matters of concern. We received some additional questions at the end of the call that were not addressed. Please know that we are seeking answers to your questions from our national partners and will add them to our FAQ materials for you and others. 
PPP Update 
The below update is brought to you by our friends at RY CPAs, Heartland Payment Systems and CPA Eats.
The PPP application process was far from smooth given all the uncertainties. Some banks, like Capital One, have yet to release their online application. Wells Fargo met their lending quota on Saturday, and some Bank of America customers were unable to apply because they didn’t have both a debtor and deposit relationship. As of today, the SBA has processed $36 billion in loans from over 2,300 lenders.  The Treasury has already stated that they will push for additional funding beyond the $350 billion. 
If your bank has stopped accepting applications or if you can’t apply through them due to other limitations, there are other options.  
Heartland Payment Systems is supported through their lender and is willing to take applications from non-clients. Contact Heartland Territory Manager Namita Verma for support. Click here to view Heartland’s CARES Act FAQ for clients.
Newtek is the only non-bank, non-depository SBA certified online lender (w/ second highest SBA lending volume) that is providing PPP loans without a pre-existing customer relationship. They are still accepting applications online. 
MarginEdge, has joined forces with Key Bank, a leader in SBA lending, to offer a streamlined way of transferring your accounts to their bank so you can quickly apply for a PPP loan. This partnership will lift the requirement of being an existing customer as of 2/15/20. Click here to start the process. 
Be safe. Be kind.