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Restaurant Relief Program

January 10, 2022

Restaurant Relief Program:

Uber Eats, in partnership with Visa’s Small Business team, has announced a support program for independent SMB restaurants in 10 U.S. cities, including the Washington, D.C.-region. The program is designed to support SMB restaurants that have been hit particularly hard by the challenges of COVID-19 and other natural disasters. The program builds off of Uber Eats’ Eat Local Support Program from this summer, which provided $4.5 million in microgrants to 900 local restaurants across the country. Below are details about the new Uber Eats program:
  • A $10,000 relief grant for each selected restaurant (100 total);
  • Business recovery resources;
  • Marketing support in the Uber Eats app;
  • Funding for Visa customer discounts to boost customer spend at the selected restaurants.

Visit for more information on how to apply.