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Sous-Vide Technique Coming to DC

September 17, 2014 to October 2, 2014

Have you always wanted to expand your culinary repertoire? Here's your chance. The Culinary Research and Education Academy (CREA) is hosting its inaugural 3-day sous-vide introduction at the CREA U.S. Test Kitchen in Washington, DC. Established in 1991, CREA has trained, through Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault​, 43 three-star Michelin chefs around the world with their innovative technique.

Their seminars are geared toward professional chefs and they supply all equipment and materials. By the end of the seminar, CREA promises that you’ll have experience using the sous-vide method to cook meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, fruits, vegetables, sauces, herbs and aromatics, and be well versed in the best practices for maintaining food safety. Availability is limited, so hurry!

Dates: September 30 - October 2

Location: 1501 Moran Rd, Sterling, VA 20166

Cost: $2,400.00

Learn more and sign up here: