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The Operations Manager will work closely with the Vice President of Retail Operations who has responsibility for oversight, productivity, and profitability of the operation of both The Market and La Cosecha, including working diligently with all retail partners, proactive customer  engagement with focus on customer experience, operations execution and on-site  management, collaboration with marketing and events teams, tracking and reporting metrics of success, and pop-up tenant coordination.  


Assist VP of Retail Operations working closely alongside other EDENS departments to  include Retail Strategy, Leasing, Brand & Culture, Event Venue Sales, and Property  Management to implement the strategic plans for The Market and La Cosecha. 

Responsible for daily operations for The Market and La Cosecha, including property  condition, safety concerns, cleanliness, and continual focus on excellence in customer  experience and overall guest satisfaction. 

Engage with visitors and community members to enhance on market offerings to  promote vendor businesses and the artisans at The Market and La Cosecha.

Provide routine retail partner communications and coordination to ensure clear  understanding of operations for the current week and weeks ahead as well as collecting  feedback. 

Active participation and assistance leading weekly retail partner meetings at The Market  and La Cosecha with responsibility to coordinate follow up action items post meetings  Track, manage and prepare weekly reports of customer traffic, sales and analytics for  The Market and La Cosecha. 

Maintain building inventory and inspections log for EDENS personal property and  equipment.  

Maintain and enforce high standards of quality control, hygiene, and health and safety  to comply with local food standards and regulations. 

Work with pop-up tenants to prepare them for successful opening. 

Retail Partners:  

Ensure all employees and tenants adhere to The Market and La Cosecha Operating  Guidelines. 

Monitor and track re-occurring issues and address concerns with tenants, managers or  owners until the issue is resolved. 

Provide guidance and support for The Market and La Cosecha vendors to help the  growth and development of their business and ensure a successful experience at The  Market and La Cosecha.  

Remain accessible and resourceful to The Market and La Cosecha tenants, addressing  any concerns, questions and complaints in a professional manner.  

Third-Party Vendors:

Supervise and manager weekly responsibility assignments for security and facilities management teams; coordinating team meetings and providing daily feedback for  improvement. 

Monitor coverage needs, operating procedures and recommendations to all The Market  and La Cosecha vendors. 

Property Management:  

Conduct bi-monthly property inspections in Angus Property Management Systems Enter service repair tickets and work orders for approved repairs in both The Market  and La Cosecha. 

Collection of rents and income reports. 

Manage property billings through Nexus system.  

Assist with annual budget and monthly variance reporting.  


Respond to email and phone inquiries for potential business leads, track viable leads,  and coordinate with Leasing Representative for follow up.  

Manage short-term occupancy tenants in the onboarding process and generate the  required documents to solidify their agreement as a “pop-up”.  

Provide status updates and communication from tenants to the Leasing Representative  routinely.  

The successful candidate will: 

Help in any area of The Market and La Cosecha when circumstances dictate Have strong focus on the customer experience, visible to and interacting with the  customers on a daily basis, and be a driven customer advocate 

Have advancement interest with desire for both professional and personal development Have a well-developed “team oriented” business perspective, bring a positive attitude  to the team and job each day  

Have experience in full-service, high-end dining or hospitality establishment as a  Manager for 3+ years 

Have strong communication skills 

Willing to work weekends, holidays and nights

If interested, please contact:

Sarah McCormick,