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DCRA & ABRA Regarding Certificate of Occupancy Process

January 5, 2010
DCRA and ABRA Sign a Memorandum of Agreement
Someimportant and helpful changes agreed to by ABRA and DCRA in amemorandum of understanding that relate to the certificate of occupancyprocess that will take effect on Monday, January 4, 2010.

Washington, DC - Tbe Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs(DCRA) and the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) havesigned a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) regarding the Certificate ofOccupancy (C of 0) process as it relates to the number of seats forbusinesses operating as an ABC licensed restaurant, hotel, or tavern,The MOll. was entered into by DCRA and ABRA in an effort to bringclarity and consistency to the certificate of occupancy process, ABRAis responsible for licensing businesses in the District of  Columbiathat sell, serve, and deliver alcoholic beverages, ABC licensedrestaurants and hotels are required to be in compliance with one of thetwo statutory food requirements; one based on percentage, the otherbased on a "dollar per seat" amount.  View MOU

The MOA addresses the "dollar per seat" calculation, The number iscritical to determine whether and establishment such as a Class "CR"testaurant or Class "CH" hotel is in compliance with the statutoryrequirement to sell at least $2,000 in food sales per seat and that aClass "DR" restaurant or Class "DH" hotel have at least $1,500 in foodsales per seat. DCRA is responsible for issuing the C of 0 tobusinesses, C of Os issued by DCRA afterJanuary 1,2010, will contain anew section containing the number of seats, in addition to the existingsection that indicates he total occupancy load, This seat number willbe a part of the total occupancy load, not an additional number, Forexample, if an establishment has an occupancy load of 100 and a seatnumber of 50, the total occupancy load is still 100 and not 150, DCRAwill revise its existing Certificate of Occupancy form to accommodatethis additional section, The seat number is to be utilized by ABRA indetermining whether a restaurant or hotel is in compliance with the"dollar per seat" statutory food requirement. Additionally, the numberwill be used by ABRA in determining the maximum number of seats that alicensed establishment may have either inside the establishment and/ oron the summer garden, The total occupancy number will also be utilizedto determine the maximum number of patrons that can safely be inside ofthe establishment. For further information, lease feel free to contact Cynthia Simms , Community Resource Officer at (202) 442-4496 or fax  (202) 442-9563.