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RAMW Endorses Restaurateur Khalid Pitts

September 19, 2014 to October 3, 2014

RAMW recently endorsed Restaurateur Khalid Pitts for the DC Council At-Large Election in November. RAMW is excited for the first time to be able to support one of its own as he seeks the City Council seat vacated by Mayoral Candidate David Catania. RAMW endorsed Khalid because he is a successful restaurant owner who knows what it takes to own and operate a small business. 

What ties us all to Khalid is that we are all members of the hospitality community, whether as an independent establishment, a restaurant group or one of the thousands of businesses that support and supply the restaurant community. We all know what it means to run a business, to manage people, meet deadlines, pay bills and get things done in a timely manner.  We need someone on the Council who shares that experience and puts that knowledge to practical use to advance pragmatic, progressive policies and build consensus to create sustainable economic and business development in the District of Columbia.  

As a District business owner, Khalid knows the roadblocks and red tape we face in our daily operations. Working with DC agencies, Khalid wants to help streamline and reform regulations and processes so that all business, especially small businesses, can spend their resources focusing on growing and strengthening their standing in the community while not constantly dealing with government bureaucracy.

There is no other nominee who will be as strong a voice for our community on the Council. No other candidate has operated a small business nor proactively states their support of business. 

The other leading candidates have expressed enthusiastic support for the “Tipped minimum wage” and other policies that could have negative impacts on our industry.  In contrast, Khalid is the only candidate who has publicly opposed the proposed “Tipped minimum wage” and has pledged to help grow small business and support the economic interests of the hospitality community.

Join us in supporting Khalid in his bid for City Council. To make a donation or for more information please visit Khalid’s website at