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Data Business Systems/POSitouch

Data Business Systems is dedicated to knowing your business and setting you up for success.  We are proud to be your local representative for POSitouch Point of Sale.  DBS is guided by several key principles: We focus on our customers; we value our employees; and we deliver state-of-the-art, affordable Point of Sale and IT solutions.
You are probably used to wearing many hats in your restaurant, but when you partner with DBS we have all the bases covered with designing a system for your specific needs with software, hardware, training, installation, and third-party applications.  
Our roots are deep within the hospitality industry since most of us have spent time working in restaurants, bars and hotels.  Our foundation is built upon a tradition of experience.  It starts with our sales reps, who all have hospitality experience to help design systems which incorporate the Point of Sale with all the extras needed to allow you to focus on your customers.
DBS was founded in 1977 when the owners began selling cash registers and have been at the forefront of every technological advancement.  The owners searched for a software solution to resell to the hospitality market and in 1988 became the first vendor to partner with POSitouch because the software was developed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. 
POSitouch is the hospitality industry’s leading Point of Sale application for Table Service, Quick Service, Night Clubs/Bars, Hotels, Country Clubs, Delivery and Stadiums/Arena use. This Windows-based, open architecture software is incredibly easy to use, maintain and expand. You'll find POSitouch in use at thousands of food operations around the country benefiting from these included features:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Loss Prevention
  • Inventory Controls
  • Table Management
  • Scales, Scanners and other peripherals 

POSitouch is built on Open Architecture, it has the unique ability to work with multiple platforms from an operating system standpoint.  So when it comes to choice, you decide what works best in your specific environment.  A sample of these options are:
Point to Point Encryption (P2PE): Credit card encryption from the start when you swipe the card at the reader. Utilizes tokenization to maximize the security of credit card processing.  P2PE/EMV: Point to Point Encryption with EMV for chip cards and NFC payments.  Wired and wireless options are available.

  • Tablet Devices: Bring your service directly to your customers.
  • POSi Cloud: Web based reporting so that you can have control of your business from wherever you are.
  • Kitchen Video Displays: A variety of options available designed to fit your kitchen’s needs; control ticket times and improve communication.
  • Loyalty
  • On-Line Ordering
  • Credit and Gift Card Processing: Integrated solutions.
  • Delivery Module
  • Accounting and Payroll Interfaces

Communication is key.  Our Sales Staff is local and you will see them in your restaurant so they can update you on the latest products and services.  DBS also sends out quarterly newsletters to keep you informed on new features and to provide you with helpful hints.  

You can always reach us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you need support you have several ways to get in touch with us, we have local and 800 numbers to call us during regular business hours and after hours for emergencies or next day service; you can also open service calls online.  We are here to support you.
Data Business Systems is your total Hospitality Solution!
For additional information please contact:
Tim Fogarty, Director of Hospitality