Baan Siam

Diner Notification: 
We will only be offering Restaurant Week for Takeout and Delivery. We deliver in a limited radius around our restaurant. You can check if you are in our delivery area and/or place an order here:
Restaurant Description: 
Formerly known as Baan Thai, Baan Siam opened on 4th and I Streets NW in mid-2020. After a fantastic run on 14th Street, Chef Jeeraporn ''P' Boom" Poksupthong and her team decided that time had come to upgrade to a bigger space with a better kitchen. As you will see, Baan Siam’s menu is not your typical Thai-restaurant-in-the-US menu: we serve the food that you stumble upon in a local restaurant when visiting Thailand and miss when you’re back in the US. As they say in Thailand: Same same … but different. See for yourself!
We WILL offer a $55 RW dinner option: 
We will offer RW Cocktail(s) or Wine Pairing(s): 
We will offer RW To Go: 
We will only offer RW To Go: