Chi-Cha Lounge

Diner Notification: 
No Sharing or Splitting. No Substitutions. The whole table must participate
Restaurant Description: 
As one enters Chi-Cha Lounge be ready to be transformed into a Hacienda in Ecuador with vintage-style furnishings and an eclectic style of memorabilia. Included, like all family Haciendas in South America, black and white family photos of the owner placed throughout the living/dining room. Imagine Abuelita cooking in the kitchen for a Sunday family get together while you relax in one of the comfy couches. Get ready to excite your palate with the flavors of the two Americas.
We WILL offer a $55 RW dinner option: 
We will offer RW Cocktail(s) or Wine Pairing(s): 
We will offer RW To Go: