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Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker Letter

March 24, 2020
Restaurant workers are considered essential employees that can be asked to come to work even when there are federal, state, or local, shelter-in-place Orders.  Still, more and more states and localities are restraining travel, particularly during certain hours of the day, while restaurant workers need to arrive earlier than the time restrictions to make bread, brew coffee, etc., and stay past curfew to clean, disinfect, and close the premises. Meanwhile, some restaurant workers are running into issues with law enforcement restricting workers movement to and from work.
The Restaurant Law Center drafted a letter specifically for restaurant employers that they can amend to give to their essential employees stating that the holder is an "Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker" under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security guidelines. Thus, the worker should be allowed to continue to or from his place of employment. Click to access letters for DC, MD, and VA.
Download the letter to your device to edit it for your workers:
Click here for DC Essential Employee Letter
Click here for VA Essential Employee Letter
Click here for MD Essential Employee Letter