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DC Health Link

Open Enrollment for 2021 is now open through January 31, 2021. Shop, compare and save on plans that fit your needs and budget. Uninsured and need insurance right away? DC residents can enroll through a special enrollment period. If you work for a small business with health insurance on DC Health Link, enroll now.
The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. Anyone who wants quality health insurance can get it now. DC Health Link is locally established and locally operated. District policymakers also enacted the ACA core health insurance consumer protections into law in DC. Our local insurance standards protect people with preexisting conditions. The ACA case before the Supreme Court will be decided in late spring or early summer. DC Attorney General working with many Attorneys General around the country is defending the ACA. We will continue to advocate for our customers and will work with policymakers to find additional ways to protect District residents and employers.