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Broker+Business Connect: Virtual Q&A Session on Health Insurance Options through DC Health Link

Are you a small business owner looking to offer health insurance to your employees? Broker + Business Connect is an initiative by RAMW to help connect small businesses to a health insurance broker that will assist with each step of the enrollment process.
We understand that the health insurance application process can be confusing, cumbersome and takes time to ensure that you have explored all available options. RAMW's complimentary session provides an opportunity for small business owners and operators to directly connect with a broker to ask questions about getting your employees covered through DC Health Link, the options currently available through SHOP, and incentives that have been made available to small businesses to encourage employer-sponsored enrollment.
Join us at our next session!
Register Here for the January 23 session
Register Here for the February 13 session
REGISTER HERE for the March 13 session

If you have any questions in the meantime or would like to speak with a broker before our next session, please contact John Curran, DC Health Link Project Coordinator at (646) 866-9872 or via email at