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Keep Your Small Business Healthy with Coverage Through DC Health Link

November 16, 2023

DC Health Link, the District of Columbia's Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace, offers many different health plans to meet every need and budget. Enrollment is easy, and expert help is available. 

Annual Special Offer for Coverage Starting January 1
To make sure every DC business can cover its employees, we offer special flexibility for employers starting coverage on January 1st. Employers offering coverage starting January 1st do not have to meet the following standard eligibility requirements:
  • Fifty percent minimum employer contribution toward employee premiums, and
  • Minimum participation by two-thirds of eligible employees. For example, you can still offer a plan if you can’t contribute towards the cost of coverage. You can also offer a plan if only 2 of your 7 employees who don’t have other qualifying coverage want to enroll. This reduces your employer cost of offering a health plan, but still makes a valuable benefit available to your employees.
Employers starting their plans on January 1 still need to meet all other eligibility requirements.

Interested in exploring health insurance options for your staff? Contact us to connect you with a broker that can assist and you through the enrollment process. Email us at or call us at (202) 331-5990. Not so sure? Join our next Broker+Business Connect Virtual Session on December 19, 2023 at 9:30am for Q&A with our featured broker.