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Today we need your input as we continue our local and national advocacy efforts for relief for our industry. We know the relief outlined in the CARES Act does not go far enough to support restaurants, and that implementation is flawed when applied to our unique industry.  It is important to note that while drafting Phase III (CARES Act), Congress always knew there would be a
As we come to the end of the day, we want to share updates from around the region in the form of relief and clarity.  But first, we want to acknowledge that we are fully aware that there are some serious flaws in the relief programs outlined by the CARES Act.  We are working daily with state partners around the country and our national partners to collect those concerns and
As we close out another busy day, we want to address some questions we have received from all of you and share helpful new guidance on the Federal relief front. 
Increasing Safety Protocols - Visual Resources to Share with On-Premise Employees Many of you have asked for visual resources to post on site as part of your heightened protocol.  We have gathered guidance from local agencies and our national ServSafe partners that can be shared with your team. Click here for more information. 
Yesterday was a day of announcements, and while in practice it doesn’t actually change much from the previous guidance, it can be a lot to wrap your head around. As always we want to make sure we are providing you with new and helpful information to assist in your business operations, but also to outline opportunities for relief and how to navigate federal support.
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Phase 2 of the Congressional response to coronavirus resulted in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which goes into effect on April 1st. The U.S. Department of Labor published another round of guidance to its growing questions and answers list, which includes additional information on the small business hardship exemption.
As you likely know already, there were several announcements made today by leaders within the region. The impact to restaurant operations is very minimal, but we want to help clarify and give you tools to support your operations and employees. We also want to address real-time questions that we are hearing from you, Operators, region-wide.
As we start this new week, we know many of you are still navigating your temporary business models and continuing to seek guidance and support during these uncertain times. Many in our industry have proactively launched efforts to support their employees, but we understand it is difficult to decide what the right route for you may be. We wanted to share with you some forthcoming employee relief options.
City Suspends Enforcement of Residential Parking Zones, Weekend Meters, Inspection Stickers
As we all head into the weekend we want to share important information with you about opportunities for relief on the local and national level.    National Relief
RAMW was scheduled to announce the 2020 RAMMY Award Finalists this Monday, March 30th to the industry, public, and media. Knowing that we would not be hosting an in-person event on Monday, we explored virtual announcement platforms for Monday to utilize for the announcement to maximize visibility for the finalists, sponsors, and industry. As all of you - operators and business community partners -  are dealing with what is right in front of you, we have decided to reschedule the announcement of the finalists until Monday, May 4, 2020.
We shared a great deal of information earlier today, understanding there is a lot to digest.  We are working with partners to get all relevant information to you in a digestible way through various platforms.