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Preparing to Dial Back Operations if Needed

July 26, 2020

Leaders from across the region have been keeping a close eye on the public health data. If numbers don’t come down in the next several days, we may need to take appropriate dial back steps to manage the spread of the virus. 

It pains me to think about what each of you have had to do to prepare for any stage of reopening. However, it is important that you consider the same steps in the event that we hear later this week that we may in fact need to dial back.  

We know it is rare to ever have the luxury of time to plan for much in our industry, however I do encourage you to use this week to consider what adjustments need to be made as VA, DC and MD assess the potential need to dial back. 

It is still uncertain as to IF and WHAT that dial back may look like, however most of the discussions related to our industry are rooted in restrictions for indoor dining.  We will know more in the days to come and trust that we will share, as we always do, new information and guidance issued.  As much as humanly possible, we want you using this information, albeit not confirmed, to take this time to plan for dialing back to an outdoor dining and take out/delivery model. 

If the health data works to our advantage, we will remain where we are, but we want you to be able to prepare for all scenarios.  No one wants to dial back, so careful consideration is being taken as decisions are made. 

Be Safe, Wear a Mask. More to Come.