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Restaurant Relief Fund (RRF) Website and Program Guide

April 19, 2021

The Small Business Administration (SBA) landing page for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund is LIVE. Note: This is NOT the application. This is the program website, program guide, and final sample application that will give you more details and insight about the application process. We’ve noted along the way that SBA’s intention was to first distribute this information to give people time to prepare, then host educational sessions and Q&A’s (see below for our session registration), and then the application will likely go live at the end of April. 

The website contains details including: 

  • The Official Program Guide

  • Required documents you should gather NOW

  • Who can apply; What types of foodservice businesses

  • How to apply (there will be 3 options - through POS partners, directly via the SBA’s application, or via telephone)

  • When to apply (date still TBD)

  • Set asides

  • Funding amount

  • Allowable use of funds

  • How to get help with your application

CLICK HERE to view the SBA RRF landing page. 

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the official program guide. 

A few new additional parts of the process were also shared by SBA: 

  • Ahead of the application launch and over the next two weeks, SBA will establish a 7-day pilot period for the application portal.  SBA and district offices across the country will conduct extensive outreach to small businesses interested in applying. 

  • The pilot period will be used to address technical issues ahead of the public launch. Participants will include #PaycheckProtection Program borrowers in RRF priority groups, who will not receive funds until the application portal is open to the public. 

  • Following the pilot, the application portal will open to the public. For the first 21 days, SBA will prioritize reviewing applications from small businesses owned by women, veterans, and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. Following the 21-day period, all eligible applicants are encouraged to submit applications.