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Upcoming Webinar: Visa Options for Foreign Investors

July 20, 2023
On Wednesday August 16, 2023 at 12pm ET, GYH Partner Becki Young and GYH Of Counsel David Morris, will host a webinar to educate viewers on visa options for foreign investors.
The United States offers two primary visa options to foreign investors and entrepreneurs seeking to start a new business  or buying an existing business. The E-2 non-immigrant investor visa program is extremely flexible. For example, there is  no minimum capital investment test and no minimum job creation requirements. Alternatively, the EB-5 immigrant investor  program is a slower and more structured process but yields Green Card status. Each has pros and cons, and both options  are often pursued in parallel to maximize immigration benefits. 
GYH Partner Becki Young is a seasoned business immigration attorney who has represented investors from around the world  (including Australia, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Israel, Georgia, Canada,  Mexico, Argentina, Colombia). 
GYH Of Counsel David Morris is a nationally renowned EB-5 expert and Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers  Association EB-5 Investor Committee. In addition to being one of the leading EB-5 immigration lawyers in the field, David  created and co-owns the DC Regional Center LLC (DCRC), a regional center entity designated by USCIS in 2011. Through his  work at DCRC, David has raised and deployed more than $400 million of EB-5 funds from 800 investors to help finance large  commercial real estate development projects in the DC region. 
In this webinar, Ms. Young and Mr. Morris will explain the ins-and-outs of visa options for foreign investors, including: • What is the E-2 visa category? Which countries / citizens qualify? How much do I have to invest? • How to create a successful E-2 business plan. 
• How to prepare for the E-2 visa interview. 
• What are the tax benefits of E-2 status? 
• The basics of the EB-5 program, process, and overall timeline. 
• What funding sources are allowed?