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What You Need to Know About Restaurant Insurance

Rossman Hurt Hoffman, Inc. Insurance
May 12, 2014

Do You Have All The Coverage You Need?

Your restaurant insurance policy includes hundreds of pages of coverages, exclusions and endorsements. Unless you’re an insurance expert, it can be tough to know which ones are most important for your business. With the Restaurant Insurance Package, everyone is aware of their required property, general liability, crime and spoilage coverage. Here are some additional coverages that restaurateurs often overlook:

What Other Types of Insurance Do I Need?

General Liability and Property Insurance typically only cover the basics, but most restaurants need more:

Business Income & Extra Expense

Insures against lost income and operating expenses in the event your business is suspended by a covered loss. Check the length of coverage (standard policy is 12 months) to make sure you have enough time to reopen your business.

Utility Services

Electricity, water and phone are essential to a restaurant business. Utility coverage protects against loss due to interruption of these services. Be sure to also include overhead transmission lines. Know your deductible and the waiting periods that may apply.

E-Commerce & Cyber Coverage

With today’s changing business environment, electronic commerce and related cyber activity have become an ever increasing risk that businesses must learn to identify, handle and protect themselves against.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL)

EPL covers a broad range of issues including: gender, race and age discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, disability rights and Fair Labor Standards. Optional coverage available for third party liability for discrimination claims brought by customers.

Identity Theft Coverage

If you accept credit cards - either online or at your establishment, you may be at risk. This coverage reimburses out of pocket expenses incurred by covering individuals who were compromised for costs associated with identity and credit restoration.


When was the last time you reviewed your lease? Have you reviewed changes in your lease with your insurance agent? It is important to review your lease when considering insurance protection. There may be requirements not covered by your policy.

RHH Knows Restaurants

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