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matchbox Chinatown's Last Supper

June 13, 2019 - 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Join matchbox as they end one chapter and begin another, bidding farewell to the original location in Chinatown and welcoming the newest location in Penn Quarter with open arms!

They’ll celebrate with a Last Supper at matchbox chinatown on Thursday, June 13 featuring a buffet selection of signature pizza, dishes, wine, and beer -- then, keep the party going with a first look and taste of matchbox penn quarter. Before making our way to the new E Street restaurant, they’ll assemble the final pizzas in Chinatown and bring them along with you.

This Running of the Pizzas culminates by firing up the oven at matchbox penn quarter, and baking the first-ever pizzas there for attendees to enjoy alongside a champagne toast! (They’re putting the finishing touches on mbpq, so you’ll be getting a sneak peak.)


matchbox Chinatown // 713 H Street NW, WDC 20001