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Hospitality High School to Merge With DCPS

Hotel Association Washington DC
April 29, 2014

(Washington, DC) - April 29, 2014 - Today, the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board voted to accept the Hospitality High School (HHS) request to not renew its’ charter—the first time in the history of the charter school system in DC that a school has relinquished its’ charter to merge with DCPS. HHS has engaged in a Memorandum of Understanding to merge HHS with DCPS for school year 15/16. Next year, HHS will operate under the authority of the Mayor to allow the necessary time to outline the details of the merger.

Fifteen years ago, HHS made a commitment to provide students in the District with academic enrichment while allowing a legitimate opportunity and unprecedented access to the largest industry in Washington, DC. Based on current trends and patterns with the Public Charter School Board, the HHS Board believes that DCPS best understands the unique purpose of HHS and welcomes the support of the hotel industry in our city’s education system.

Therefore, in the interest of HHS students and other stakeholders HHS has identified what it believes to be the best opportunity for our students, stakeholders, and industry. HAWDC remains committed to exposing students to our industry and we look forward to working with DCPS in the coming years.

“This is a unique opportunity to merge the contributions of our industry, that span well over a decade, with the exciting multifaceted approach of DCPS. In this merger, we hope to continue to provide our students with the exposure and access to our industry that they deserve while receiving greater support and oversight from our city’s rapidly evolving public school system. We are thrilled about this merger!” says Solomon Keene, President.