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Member in the News: TwentyTables is Expanding Its DIning Partnership with GW

October 28, 2019

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George Washington University students, staff and faculty can access TwentyTables' app to purchase meals using their GWorld Dining Cash accounts.

DC-based TwentyTables, creator of an app that connects users to fixed-cost meal options from local restaurants, announced that it is expanding its partnership George Washington University.

GW’s dining program will integrate with TwentyTables’ platform to expand access to affordable food for students, faculty and staff. Starting today, TwentyTables will manage a rotating variety of food trucks with diverse dining options at the university’s Potomac Square for lunch and dinner each weekday.

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“We are delighted the partnership with TwentyTables allows us to expand our dining offerings to include affordable and accessible dining options that are diverse and culturally relevant to our community,” Karen Zinn, GW’s director of business and auxiliary services, said in a statement.

TwentyTables founder and CEO Alexander Cohen told that this partnership initially started over the summer, shortly after TwentyTables won a pitch competition at SXSW. This partnership expansion doesn’t just give GW-affiliated people access to TwentyTables’ app, but also allows them to purchase meals through the TwentyTables platform using their GWorld Dining Cash accounts.

“TwentyTables’ partnership with George Washington University is a significant milestone and tremendous opportunity for our young company,” Cohen said in a statement. “GW shares TwentyTables’ vision of providing affordable and accessible meals for all, and we are fortunate that the school immediately understood the many benefits of integration and moved quickly at an institutional level to make this partnership happen. Truly a win-win.”

GWorld Dining Cash is operated by a national food services company called CBORD, who works with 250 other schools, Cohen said. TwentyTables is currently in talks with two more local universities in the CBORD network to expand this unique dining capability.

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