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Cured DC


The philosophy at Cured DC is to bring traditional dry curing back to the public and to being comfort food. Butchery and artisan meats are important traditions that we are losing. Cured DC has partnered with a local Maryland farm, Truck Patch Farms. Brian our farmer raises our pigs and we process them into great cured meat. The pigs at Brian’s farm eat what they were intended to eat. No plants are sprayed with chemicals, just sun, water, and soil. The pigs they raise, root around in the dirt eating acorns and grubs, living a very happy existence. The pork goes from live to our dry chamber in less than a day and is never frozen. We want you to savor our meats and our labor. We take pride in our products and hope you will sit down with friends, family, co-workers and have some salami and let it literally cure your stresses away. We hope you enjoy our labor of love!

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1111 New York Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20002