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You want accurate and timely financial reporting combined with the appropriate advice and analysis to inform business decisions. The problem is that traditional accounting processes do not effectively relay information thus causing constant bottlenecks, outdated reports, and the inability to advise on matters specific to your business. It is frustrating paying for an accounting service and not seeing results. You also shouldn't be responsible for organizing, compiling, and retrieving information, and you shouldn’t be at the mercy of a single resource to access vital information. At RY CPAs, we believe restaurants of any size should be empowered with the same financial information, advice, and KPIs as fortune 500 companies. Thanks to technology, organizations can now be equipped with an accounting department for the same price as a bookkeeper. We have developed a knowledge base and state-of-the-art proprietary accounting workflows that eliminate bottlenecks and have repeatedly shown successful results across clients and industries. We've experienced 100% organic growth each year due to exceptional customer satisfaction, and we’ve been included on Expertise’s best Accountants list.
Primary Service(s):
Restaurant Accounting
Tax Compliance
Outsourced CFO
Outsourced Accounting & Payroll
Outsourced Accounts Payable
Tax Planning
Strategy and Analysis
Prime cost reporting
Trend analysis
Charge back and dispute resolution
Vendor reconciliations
Cash reconciliation