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Lockserve - Hospitality/Restaurant, Training Consultant


1445 Ogden St., NW
Washington, DC 20010
Vendor Phone:
(443) 621-4666
Service Description:
The hospitality industry is changing. From fine dining to casual diners depends from consumers are continuously evolving. We live in a time where farm to table exists. Guests today have an array of aversion or dietary restriction to your menu offering. We face a time where travelers prefer Airbnb to traditional lodging or hotels stays. With so many food options and new restaurant opening every day. How can you remain competitive and generate a profit? Anthony is here to help. To guide you and your staff through the dynamic world that is hospitality. With over 20 years of hospitality experience, Anthony has seen several businesses come and go. He wants to make sure you are one of the ones that stay. Personalized consulting services for hospitality corporations, independent restaurant groups, new and existing restaurateurs. LockServe offers full-service training for fast food, casual, and upscale dining establishments front of the house. Hospitality and streamline training services for restaurants, hotels, lounges, and any enterprise that requires food and beverages. From start to finish your quests should feel welcomed and appreciated. And you should be making a profit.
Primary Service(s):
Hospitality Training
Front of House Coaching
Customer Service
Wait staff training
Hospitality Solutions
Personalized training
Beverage program
Guest Service Evaluation
Cost Control Analysis
Revenue and Gratuity Increase Methods
Dietary Restriction Awareness