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Addressing ABC Issues Key to Regulatory Reform in Virginia

October 17, 2013

RAMW met with its Virginia members and state officials and legislators on October 10th at Clyde's of Tysons to discuss the myriad issues facing Northern Virginia restaurants. The meeting was very productive and provided an opportunity to dive into debates around restaurant operations, workforce development and taxes. Alcohol and ABC issues took center stage with operators citing challenges with the alcohol transfer process of wine and beer between locations. They also discussed at length, problems with the ABC permitting process.


As a result of this dialogue, Delegate Albo recommended RAMW assemble the various ABC regulatory issues needing attention and bring them forward as a regulatory reform issue. He also addressed a suggested legislative issue allowing brew pubs to sell beer to units under common ownership with current code that addresses the issue for small wineries. We encourage you to submit your responses to RAMW's Virginia Legislative Consultant, Mark Tate,