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Hospitality industry staffing leader, Qwick, introduced its new brand this week. Read about the change and how hospitality is at the heart of it all.
While the thought of being sued by a single worker for unpaid wages is enough to give most restaurant owner’s heartburn, the implications of being sued by a large group or class of workers can be a real life nightmare. Wage and hour collective and class action lawsuits against restaurants are a prime target for plaintiffs’ attorneys. Below is a Q&A regarding class and collective actions, with several preventive steps a restaurant or restaurant chain can take to greatly reduce its legal exposure.
Come celebrate the launch of year 2 of Nourish DC and the opening of a new round of funding.    About the Grant:
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Eligible licensees may operate 24-hours and sell and serve alcohol between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. during the 2022 FIFA World Cup taking place November 20-December 18, 2022.   To participate, licensees must register and pay a non-refundable $100 fee by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 17.
DC Cocktail Week 2022 Registration Now Open!  
DC Operators are likely hearing more and more about the requirement that DC restaurant operators with at least one tipped employee provide harassment prevention training every two years to all employees. This requirement is a part of the Tipped Workers Fairness Amendment Act, which, if you recall, was pass
The days of tipping in DC are likely numbered, or at a minimum about to seriously change. Initiative 82  will pass into law and fundamentally transform the compensation model for tens of thousands of workers in the restaurant industry.
Named for a lifelong educator and chef who played a pivotal role in founding the education foundation, Educated Eats awards the Frans Hagen Scholarship, of up to $5,000, to individuals who are exploring a career in food service and those who demonstrate an interest in continuing education in the restaurant industry.
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Do no harm is a basic tenet of medicine.  Although the goal is always to treat disease and alleviate suffering, a physician must always try to protect the patient from any further injury.  Likewise in the food service industry.  Restaurants want to create and deliver enjoyable experiences to their customers.  That’s why they’re in business.  But, just as with healthcare, they also need to protect their customers from foodborne illnesses. Simply put, they need to safeguard the customer, the staff, and the brand.
All information below is posted as shared through the 09.12.22 edition of ABRA's Last Cal Newsletter: