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Even After the RAMMYs, Silver Rock Funding Continues to Grow

June 23, 2016

Since opening its doors in Alexandria, Virginia, Silver Rock Funding has funded nearly $10 million in capital for businesses and entrepreneurs. From beer gardens to barber shops, Silver Rock Funding has made getting cash for worthy businesses easy. 

With simple pre-requisites like being in business over six months and making at least $10,000 a month in revenue, Silver Rock Funding can match merchants up with the funding they need. 

The various products available allow merchants to pay back the funding on a daily basis using a percentage of the daily take. This allows businesses the flexibility to continue to be profitable and not have to payback a large lump sum. Silver Rock Funding recently created an ebook that addresses many of the questions restauranteurs may have about the product. 

Key Data on Restaurant Business Loans:


  • Silver Rock Funding has matched restaurants up with over $1M in funding since inception.
  • The funding can be paid back in as little as four months or stretched out over time, depending on the situation.
  • Interest rates are generally constructed monthly, with rates as low as 1-2% per month. 

For more information on Silver Rock Funding visit the website or give us a call at 1-800-ROCK-163.