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Heartland Out-of-Scope EMV Solutions Reduce Risk, Costs

June 16, 2017
Even though more than 97 percent of all U.S. credit cards are now issued with chips, many restaurant owners continue to struggle to implement and maintain EMV technology due to cost and complexity. In fact, more than 60 percent of U.S. merchants still aren’t ready, even though the “liability shift” went into effect more than two years ago. 
Restaurants are a leading target for point-of-sale intrusions – which can be costly –  so it’s more important than ever to ensure your business is protected. 
Heartland offers out-of-scope EMV solutions to protect merchants by eliminating costs and reducing the time and complexity associated with EMV integration and compliance. In addition, an out-of-scope option:
  • Reduces card brand certification costs by eliminating the customized software development needed for your POS system to implement EMV.
  • Helps independent software vendors, value-added resellers and other businesses with “homegrown” POS systems get to market faster with an EMV solution.
  • Greatly reduces development costs associated with EMV support.
  • Eliminates the POS systems’ need to support current and future payment mandates.
  • Keeps you current with payment technology and mandates.

A Heartland Secure solution eliminates clear text card data from the restaurant eco-system using encryption and tokenization, which can provide significant risk reduction of data compromise. It’s one of the most effective data security controls available to merchants today. 

Let Heartland help you with the complexities of implementing EMV so you can focus on what you love most about running your business. For more information, contact Angela Ihry, 605-940-9861,  Learn more about Heartland products at