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How to Avoid Getting Sick, Some Mysteries of Long COVID Unraveled, Ways to Help During a Mental Health Crisis, & More from Kaiser Permanente

November 22, 2022
In The Community
Community Impact Through Intentional DEIB Strategies
The COVID-19 pandemic shined a spotlight on racial injustice and disparities in healthcare access for vulnerable populations, including Black and Brown communities across the country. Cynthia Cifuentes, regional vice president for brand communications and community engagement for Kaiser Permanente, authored a contributed article in I95Business about how organizations can embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging by offering learning opportunities to youth, expanding access to education, and supporting local minority-owned businesses.
Care Excellence
8 Ways To Help A Loved One During A Mental Health Crisis
When a loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis, there are ways to help. One important step is recognizing the warning signs. Andrew Davis, MD, a psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente, shares symptoms that suggest a mental health crisis. 
Mammogram Study Could Change Breast Cancer Screenings
Kaiser Permanente is participating in groundbreaking research that could impact how breast cancer is screened. Ainsley MacLean, MD, a radiologist with Kaiser Permanente, and Janet Dale, Kaiser Permanente member, joined NBC4 to discuss the clinical trial that compares the effectiveness of traditional 2D mammograms with 3D mammograms in detecting life-threatening breast cancers. “It's one of the most important studies around breast cancer screening that we've had for over a decade,” MacLean said.
Health Tips
How To Avoid Getting Sick From Viral Ailments
Government health officials warn that viral ailments may be particularly severe this year. Amanda Bauer, MD Kaiser Permanente’s chief of advanced urgent care in Baltimore, spoke with WTOP about strategies to keep well, such as taking care of yourself, washing hands, and using cough etiquette.
Walking: A Simple Way To Boost Heart Health
Not enough time to get to the gym and inclement weather are common excuses for not exercising. Ameya Kulkarni, MD, a cardiologist at Kaiser Permanente, joined Public News Service to offer advice on how to incorporate walking as a form of exercise into people’s daily routine to support heart health.
Our Doctors & Facilities
New Study Unravels Some Mysteries of Long COVID
New research from Kaiser Permanente health systems found some of the most common symptoms of long Covid. Michael Horberg, MD, an infectious disease specialist at Kaiser Permanente, joined Public News Service to explain the importance of identifying the symptoms of this illness to better diagnose it. 
The restaurant business is rewarding but tough. Operators need a health care plan that works as hard as they do. That’s why RAMW has partnered with USI Insurance Services and Kaiser Permanente to develop a plan that is flexible, convenient, and affordable, to help operators with their bottom lines, and their employees with their access to the area’s top-quality care.
Find the plan that fits your restaurant business. And save.
For more than 20 years, RAMW and USI Insurance Services have worked together to develop health insurance options specifically for restaurants. As the region’s leading health system, Kaiser Permanente combines care with coverage in order to:
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