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Ingredients that love Aussie lamb: Aji Amarillo

January 3, 2017

It’s pronounced like “Ahi” the tuna, but there’s nothing fishy about Aji Amarillo, the Peruvian chile pepper. Often found in the US as a prepared paste, Aji Amarillo lends its brilliant yellow (aka Amarillo) color and earthy heat to just about everything in Peruvian cuisine. But its usefulness isn’t limited to South American fare! Just like other chile pastes from around the globe like sriracha, sambal, gochujiang, or harissa, Aji Amarillo is quite versatile, especially when paired with Aussie grassfed beef and lamb.


Here are a few ideas: Added to just a few other ingredients, it can be a finishing glaze on grilled meat, a marinade or a stir-fry sauce as on lomo saltado. Or blend it with a cooling substance like Greek yogurt or sour cream, and you have a tasty dipping sauce for skewers or meatballs.

Here’s a collection of dishes with Aji Amarillo for your inspiration!


Aussie lamb meatballs – Peruvian-style

This featured recipe shows the simple versatility of Aji Amarillo, a brilliant foil for our Aussie lamb. Here, savory lamb meatballs – with just a touch of heat on their own from peri peri hot sauce – are set up with a trio of Aji Amarillo-based dipping sauces; one straight Aji Amarillo, one cooled with greek yogurt, and a third done aioli-style with mayo. Better crack open a stubbie to cool the fires, this Peruvian chile paste can turn up the heat…

Ge inspired with our collection of Aji Amarillo dishes –