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SurfaceGuard Services

July 16, 2020

We can help save the restaurant industry. 

Right now as we speak, every restaurant owner is trying to protect their employees and customers against Covid-19 by cleaning their establishments with disinfectants. This is a losing proposition and a costly one at that. All of these plans will fail for one very simple reason: Disinfectants kill Covid-19 only the moment they are used but evaporate quickly and leave behind no residual protection. 

So just minutes after a restaurant "cleans itself" any employee or customer who sneezes or puts an infected hand on a bar top, tap handle, door handle, menu, chair, sink handle or point of sale system puts everyone in immediate risk of infection. That's why so many businesses have their employees run around like mad with spray bottles or bring in cleaning companies 3 or 4 or 5 times a day. More disinfecting does not mean more protection. This is NOT the answer. 

SurfaceGuard solves this problem. We deploy on surfaces a coating designed for NASA to keep astronauts in space safe from germs and viruses. It kills Covid-19 for up to 90 days. It will not rub off when cleaned with a disinfectant. It is EPA approved, safe for food surface contact, and colorless. We coat everything in a restaurant from the back of the house to the front of the house. Chairs, couches, handles, kitchen equipment, bottles, soda guns, POS systems, tables....everything. Here are two links to videos of SurfaceGuard treating two different restaurants. Client 1. Client 2. In total we are treating about a dozen establishments. 

We further arm our clients with a Safety Marketing Toolkit to educate customers and employee's that the establishment is using a Covid-19 killing technology designed for NASA to help keep them safe. This is super critical to getting folks back into establishments. The toolkit features signage for inside and outside the restaurant and videos and messaging for online use. 

Our service can make the difference between being open and closed. 

As a RAMW member we look forward to helping educate members on this game changing approach to staying open.

Contact: Charles Brodsky, Managing Director

855-5 SURFACE or