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Jason Dangle, Fishbowl SM3 Team It happens to every restaurant at some point. A bad day has led to a displeased guest. In the old days, you might have to deal with negative word of mouth. But, with the rise of websites like Yelp, a bad review can have a boomerang effect, impacting the bottom line of a restaurant substantially over time.
Small business owners know their ability to offer employees high-quality health insurance is a competitive advantage in the labor market.
Tony Ventre, Heartland Restaurant Solutions Insights
Julie Jargon, Wall Street Journal Gratuities Added for Larger Groups Will Be Taxed as Service Charges  
All trends point to a steadily growing customer demand for healthy adult and children’s menu items and to operators’ enthusiastic response.
Michelle Basch, WTOP Nearly a year and a half after Montgomery County's 5-cent bag tax took effect, a public hearing was held Tuesday night to consider possible tweaks.
When Is a Tip Just a Tip?                                                                                   
You ask and we answer. The following questions and answers are a result of responses we received from the earlier round of FAQs. Health Care FAQ's For Restaurants
Scott Attman, Acme Paper & Supply Co. for Franchise Times
Source: The District of Columbia Department of Health