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Federal Government Agency Seeking Restaurant/Food Service Workers.

Responsibilities will be to: inventory, load, and deliver prepackaged meals, drinks, and supplies/PPE to the hundreds of police officers and National Guard troops currently assigned to the Capitol. A high security fence has been erected around the Capitol and their job would be to deliver meals and supplies, within that secure area, as required 24/7.

Subject to change, the three shifts would likely be:

  1. 7 am to 3 pm
  2. 7 pm to 3 am
  3. 3 am to 11 am


Each shift would have three staff: one Logistic Coordinator and 2 Logistic Associates. The Coordinator would also be hands on like the Associates.

Each staff member will have to have to be a US citizen, have a clean driving record and a current valid license and pass a criminal background check. No one with a criminal record can be considered nor anyone who’s unwilling to work with and support USCP police officers and National Guard troops.

The current plan is for this staffing to be in place at least through 1-31-2021 and likely longer.

Compensation Details:

Based on Experience.