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Inaugural Extend Hours Information

December 18, 2008
December 18, 2008 - The DC City Council passed emergency legislation extending the hours of operation and alcohol service from January 17th until 11:59 PM, January 21st.  In order to participate in the extended hours you must file an application with ABRA by January 7th at 4:00 PM. The specifics of the extension are as follows:

  • All on-premise establishments in the District are eligible to participate that either 1.) do not have a voluntary agreement or 2.) have voluntary agreements that do not specify hours of operation.
  • Hours of operation may be continuous throughout the Inaugural weekend; alcohol service is limited to a 4:00 AM extension.
  • Entertainment endorsements are not covered in this legislation; you will need to submit a separate substantial change application for one day extensions to your existing endorsement if you do not currently have an entertainment endorsement.
  • The two hour kitchen requirement IS in effect (if you will be serving alcohol until 4:00 AM your kitchen must be open at least until 2:00 AM).
  • Nightclubs seeking to participate in the extended hours MUST submit a public safety or security plan (restaurants, taverns and hotels do not).
  • The legislation includes a provision for alcoholic beverage wholesalers to deliver on Sunday, January 18th. However, we HIGHLY recommend maximizing your orders prior to Inaugural weekend.

There is a DAILY fee for participation as follows:
$250 for Nightclubs
$100 for Restaurants and Taverns
$50 for Hotels and multi-purpose facilities
Along with the attached application are FAQs that address addition questions you may have.
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