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Monthly Traditional Georgian Feasts at Supra

March 13, 2019

Supra continues their popular monthly  ticketed dinners that allows guests to experience a traditional Georgian supra (feast in Georgian) with upcoming dates on March 21st, April 18th and May 23rd.

Hosted by co-owners Jonathan and Laura Nelms, along with a tamada i.e., “toastmaster,” from Georgian Wine House, the evening starts at 8pm and will include a bountiful “supra” experience with a family style feast of traditional Georgian dishes prepared by chefs Malkhaz Maisashvili and Lonnie Zoeller including Georgian spreads and appetizers, family style platters, assorted seasonal desserts, wild Georgian teas and, of course, plenty of Georgian wines with a tamada who will regale guests with customary Georgian toasts as each wine is poured.. Tickets for the all-inclusive experience, include wine, gratuity and tax, are $125 and can be purchased on the website (through the Supras at Supra tab) or here:

March 21  |  April 18  |  May 23

Guests will be able to take home their own jar of house-made Georgian spice rub and a special wearable gift.

Sample menu includes:

Setting The Table:
Pickle Assorti – assortment of house-made pickles (peppers, cucumbers, red cabbage) and jonjoli (Georgian “capers,” grown only in Western Georgia)
Pkhali Assorti – seasonal selection of vegetable pâtés (currently beet and carrot from Path Valley Farms)
Spreads “Makho” – soft cheese “nadughi,” grilled vegetable “bostneuli,” and white bean and spinach “lobio”

Kutaisi Salad – heirloom tomato, cucumber, basil, red onion, walnut dressing
Elarji – cornmeal and cheese croquettes, almond sauce, red ajika
Kupati – pork and beef sausages with fried pickles  

Imeruli – traditional Georgian bread stuffed with cheese
Pkhlovani – stuffed with spinach, fresh herbs and cheese
Lobiani – white bean “lobio” filling

Khinkali, Mtsvadi & More
Pork & beef khinkali – Georgian “soup dumplings” – take a small bite, drink the broth inside, and eat the rest!
Potato & cheese (vegetarian) khinkali
Chicken mtsvadi – skewers of chicken marinated in sour cream, served with ajika and tkemali
Grilled vegetable platter “Bostneuli” – locally sourced asparagus, potatoes, zucchini, fennel, eggplant, carrot-cucumber-feta salad, served with ajika and tkemali
Whole grilled branzino with fresh herbs and pomegranate sauce

Dessert Platter with Tea or Coffee
Assorted seasonal desserts
Tea sourced from Western Georgia, served with sour cherry preserves from Georgia

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