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RAMMYS partners with VaxYes to verify attendee vaccination status

September 14, 2021 to September 20, 2021
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RAMMYS partners with VaxYes to verify attendee vaccination status
Annual D.C. restaurant and food service awards event to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination status through VaxYes service
WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 14, 2021) – The Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) and GoGetDoc announced Tuesday that the 2021 RAMMY Awards Gala has partnered with VaxYes by GoGetDoc to verify attendees’ vaccination status onsite, allowing the annual event to safely return in-person for the first time since 2019.
The 39th RAMMY Awards Gala, which will be held Sept. 19 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to highlight and honor excellence in the D.C. food service industry, will require its 2,000 guests to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination via VaxYes.
“We knew it was important that we celebrate our resilient industry coming off a tumultuous year-and-a-half,” said Kathy E. Hollinger, President & CEO of Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington. “When we made the choice to host The RAMMYS as an in-person Gala, we committed to honoring our operators in-person in a very safe way, the same way they have to show up and operate each day. Most vaccine passport services had fees, plus a price per upload and required an administrative burden on client side. VaxYes checks off all the boxes.  It’s simple, fast, verified and lifts a major layer of administrative headache for our staff. We are delighted to partner with VaxYes for our event, as it allows us to bring people together safely.”
Users convert paper vaccine cards into digital vaccine certificates by visiting the VaxYes page, providing their phone number, uploading photos of their vaccination card and ID, and receiving their digital vaccine certificate upon verification. VaxYes A.I. technology cross-references ID card information with users’ paper vaccine cards, ensuring not only the validity of the user, but also of the vaccine doses administered by confirming vaccine lot numbers and dates.
Once they have obtained their VaxYes digital certificates, RAMMYS attendees will simply show their VaxYes QR codes on their smart phones upon arrival, and their certificate will be instantly authorized with a simple scan, eliminating fraud by safeguarding against photoshopped vaccine certificates.
“Partnering with the 2021 RAMMYS and the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington is an exceptional responsibility, especially given how hard the hospitality industry was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said GoGetDoc CEO Mohammad Gaber. “Our users want a proof of vaccine solution that works no matter where you live or where you got your vaccine. A simple QR code scan will instantly show the validity of every VaxYes certificate, which has been vetted through our A.I. cross-check capabilities, curbing fraud and weeding out counterfeit certificates. Our VaxYes service is easy for people to use and for events and businesses to check. It’s one step closer to normalcy for the restaurant industry and beyond.”
The country’s first end-to-end COVID-19 vaccine technology platform, GoGetDoc and its VaxYes service allows users to follow a few simple steps to safely upload their digital vaccine certificates to their smartphone’s digital wallet via Apple Wallet or on Android Wallet apps, easing worries over misplacing paper records during a time when public health and safety remains a concern worldwide. 
VaxYes uses AES 256-bit encryption to ensure personal information is secure in a HIPAA-compliant environment, and it utilizes four levels of verification to ensure accuracy and authenticity:
  • Personal Identification: VaxYes confirms and validates the identity of those submitting vaccine cards to ensure they are the correct recipients of the digital vaccine certificate.
  • Information Verification: Information presented in users’ vaccine card and personal identification are verified.
  • Image Verification: VaxYes uses A.I. and trained medical professionals to verify the validity of vaccine card photos submitted.
  • State-Level Record Verification: State immunization records are used to verify the information users submit into VaxYes. Rollout of state-level record verification is expected shortly.
VaxYes from GoGetDoc is being used for a safe return to work, travel and events around the country. For more information on GoGetDoc and VaxYes, visit
Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW)
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