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No Fairfax Food Tax
Help Defeat Fairfax County Meals Tax The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is seeking to introduce a referendum ballot measure that would impose a meals tax of 4% on all restaurant meals and prepared foods in Fairfax County. Fairfax County does not currently have a meals tax.
Soccer fans take note, this June and July Richard Sandoval’s popular Washington restaurants Masa 14, El Centro D.F.
By Claire Willis, Director of Culinary Nutritionists at MenuTrinfo®
Toro Toro by Richard Sandoval
Newcomer Toro Toro will launch Saturday and Sunday weekend brunch service beginning May 17th from 11 am to 3 pm.  Acclaimed Chef Richard Sandoval and Chef de Cuisine Stephen Hartzell’s free-flowing brunch is priced at $39 per person (tax and gratuity not included).
The Bombay Club
The Bombay Club, located one block from the White House, is renowned as a power dining location featuring authentic, gourmet Indian cuisine, and on Sundays from May 18th to June 14th guests are invited to partake in a culinary adventure exploring dishes from different regions of India.
Del Campo
Hot on the heels of its first anniversary, Del Campo is expanding its offerings with an exciting South American brunch, Argentinian pizzas, a Patio Pisco Bar and a killer new lunch deal.
Rossman Hurt Hoffman, Inc. Insurance
Do You Have All The Coverage You Need?
Black Jack
Black Jack Bar Manager E. Jay Apaga has debuted a new spring cocktail menu, pairing his signature offerings of classics, twists on classics and Black Jack creations with seasonal flavors that are vegetal, bright, fruit forward and a few bubbly and frozen options.  
Zena Polin and Jerry Hollinger, The Daily Dish
Zena Polin, co-owner of The Daily Dish, A Restaurant & Catering Company, is also a trilingual author, editor and writer who writes about food, wine and travel in Latin America, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and the US.
APPI Energy
Although winter 2014 is over, the collateral economics will be felt for months to come. The polar vortex triggered two extreme winter events that will cause many electricity customers to experience increased costs throughout 2014. If you noticed an increase on your electricity bills, then your bill and supplier contract should be evaluated as soon as possible.
Be Allergy Aware: A Quick Guide to the Most Common Food Allergies By Betsy Craig (CEO and founder of MenuTrinfo®)
Jamie Leeds is the Chef/Owner of the award winning Hank’s Oyster Bar, with locations in Dupont Circle, Capitol Hill and Old Town, VA.  Jamie is very active in the community and the culinary field, and has recently completed her role as the Immediate Past President of
Do More 24
United Way of the National Capital Area is gearing up for Do More 24 – a one day online fundraiser that will be held on June 19th to support area nonprofits.  
Oyamel Cocina Mexicana
Oyamel Cocina Mexicana Launches A New Late Night Dining Menu   
To Do Tomorrow: Rock the Vote with Yelp and Help Your Favorite Gathering Place Win a RAMMY Award