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Comcast Business Webinar Series: Inc. & US Chamber of Commerce National Small Business Town Hall #6

May 1, 2020 - 12:00pm

Inc. and the US Chamber of Commerce will team up for a sixth virtual National Small Business Town Hall to help small business owners alike navigate the programs that are available to them. Where can small-business owners turn for additional help? How should companies operate in this low-cash environment? And how and when should businesses plan for a return to work?

As governments and business leaders begin to discuss reopening, small businesses across the country are still struggling to find the lifelines they need to survive this economic pause. Congress has authorized an unprecedented amount of loans for businesses, but the staggering need is outpacing the available funds. What can businesses do to access the help they need? How can companies stay afloat when little or no cash is coming through the door?  As state governments and business communities begin to consider reopening, how can small business owners position themselves to return to work safely? 

Join for this urgent conversation to help guide business owners through the resources available to them.

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