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CPA Eats/Harmony Group PPP Roundtable

June 9, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Harmony President Matt Hetrick Hosts Roundtables Covering PPP Version 2.0

As we've talked about extensively in newsletters, blogs, and in our previous roundtables, the expected changes to the PPP program are coming down the pipeline imminently - the House voted on the new rules today and we expect the Senate to pass them early next week.

Rather than go through multiple iterations of new classes, we've scheduled talks to go over the changes once they've been finalized - this should be the final set of rules, and we aren't anticipating further changes. To get you the best, most up to date instructions, we want to allow you to sign up now so we can go over all the new information once it is made law.

Talks are currently scheduled at noon on Thursday 6/4, Tuesday 6/9, and Wednesday 6/10, via Zoom. Space is limited to ensure the conversation is productive and all of your questions are addressed. Click below to claim your spot and, as always, stay tuned to our newsletter, blog, and Twitter feed for up to the minute updates and future roundtable conversations.

Register HERE