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Webinar: Insurance Coverage for DC Area Restaurants

May 6, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Webinar - Utilizing Insurance To Mitigate Losses and Liabilities Resulting From The Coronavirus

The loss of life and economic costs from the COVID-19 pandemic have been staggering. Over the past few weeks, the entire business landscape has changed in fundamental ways. COVID-19 has forced companies to reconfigure their operations, reevaluate their forecasts, and decrease their budgets. Insurance policies may help offset potential losses and liabilities, but misinformation is being widely disseminated regarding what is covered and what is not. Our webinar is designed to explain how to maximize insurance coverage for your losses and liabilities. 

We will address issues that are important to your business, including:

  • Where to look for insurance coverage for COVID-19-related losses and liabilities
  • The scope of coverage for business interruption losses and extra expenses caused by COVID-19
  • Strategies for handling the renewal process when restrictive terms may be demanded by the insurer
  • Best practices for maximizing insurance coverage and resolving claims disputes with insurers

Please see the invite link here.