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ABRA Announces Change to Sale to Minor Penalty

October 22, 2008

October 23, 2008

Maria Delaney, ABRA Director, sent an announcement changing the Sale to Minor Penalty.  Following is the text from her email:

“Effective immediately the penalty for staff settlement for a second sale to minor violation will change.  The present penalty is 10 days suspension with 4 stayed and 6 days served but this has been changed to 10 days suspension with 6 days stayed and 4 days served.  If the second offense is within a year, the licensee will also have to serve the stayed days from the first sale to minor violation. The licensee will still be required to pay $3,000 fine.”

This is a huge change in the otherwise draconian approach to regulation that ABRA has been practicing.  We feel that this is just the beginning of a sea change at ABRA and a direct result of testimony by RAMW members at an ABC Board Fact Finding Hearing last week.  Thank you to all who attended and to all who testified – this showing of solidarity by the restaurant community had, and will continue to have, an influence on the regulatory agencies that should be working with us not against us. And thank you to ABRA and the ABC Board for this welcomed improvement.

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